In this privacy policy references to ‘we’ or ‘us’ refer to Bella Beauty. This policy will explain what information we collect about you and how we use it.

The information we collect and how:

At Bella Beauty we take privacy seriously and only use the information we collect to provide our services. We do not share or sell the information we collect for any other purpose than providing the best possible service for our clients. At any time, you may request a copy of information we have recorded about you. You may also request we remove all identifiable information with respect to yourself. As a matter of course, we will delete your identifiable information if you have not undertaken business with us after 2 years.
For transparency, listed below are the business services we provide and how each service uses the information we collect.

Beauty related services:

We request the minimum level of personally identifying information to run our business effectively. This is data you provide us directly, for example, your name and contact details. We will never obtain information about you indirectly from sources outside our business. We store notes with respect to services we undertake to ensure we maintain and exceed our level of service. For example, notes about your previous treatments, preferences, any allergic reactions or adverse results, to make sure that we deliver a service that causes no harm and is customised to your preferences. We consider you have provided consent for us to store personally identifying information and information about your services based on your receiving services from us. Depending on the particular service(s) we are providing we may be required to ask questions related to your medical history. We will obtain your consent prior to storing information related to your medical history. Examples of medical data may be allergies, pregnancy or an injury that may impact our service.

Appointment confirmations and reminders:

We will contact you via email to confirm appointments booked and remind you of upcoming appointments. We consider your having made the appointment as consent to undertake this activity but, if you want, you may opt-out at any time.


We will not undertake phone, mail, email or SMS marketing without you first providing consent for us to do so. We may send marketing email campaigns related to special days like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, or special monthly offers we may be running. We consider your having made an appointment or an online enquiry with us as consent to undertake this activity but, of course, you may opt out of receiving marketing material at any time.

Data processors and data locations:

We use Timely as a booking platform and iZettle as a payment solution within our business to provide the services listed above. These software solutions store and process data in locations outside of our business premise and are individually regulated and compliant.

You may contact us at to:

• Request a discussion about our Privacy Policy.
• Request information we have stored about you.
• Request we remove all identifying information about you.
• Make a complaint.
Our privacy policy is reviewed regularly, and we reserve the right to make amendments at any time.